Excursions and Visitors

Excursions and walks


Regular excursions are made to local schools to help children with their transition to school. Children are regularly taken into the local community eg: to the supermarket, vet clinic, post office, local playgrounds.

As part of the program at the Preschool, children will at times be taken on outings. Prior to your child participating, you will be asked to sign a permission note for your child to participate. Upon enrolment, you will be given an information pack which includes an excursion permission form for children to be taken into our carpark and paddock next to the Preschool. They will be taken to these areas to ride bikes, play games, explore, and see special visitors like the Fire Truck etc.

Shows and Visitors

Once or twice per year, the Preschool will invite a performer to the Preschool to put on a Show for the children. All children enrolled at the Preschool are invited to attend any Show that is held at the Preschool. If the Show is on a different day that your child normally attends, an adult needs to attend with the child.

All shows are subsidised by the fundraising levy.