About Us


The Preschool is run by an elected committee which meets once a month. The Committee with the Director, is responsible for making decisions relating to employment of staff, setting of fees, policy making and the general running of the Preschool. The Committee is elected at the AGM, which is held at the beginning of each year. Past experience indicates that an active group of parents and committee members leads to a greater success within the Preschool, so we ask you to take an active part in the Preschool Activities.

About Jindera Preschool

We understand that early childhood is a time when children acquire skills for lifelong learning.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 8.00am - 4.30pm.

Each day the preschool will be open for children from 8am until 4.30pm. Your daily fee will cover these times. Children cannot be on the premises before 8am, and must be picked up and off the premises by 4.30pm.

Our Core Preschool session hours are 9am until 3.00pm, but parents are able to be flexible with their drop off and pick up times.

It is up to parents to decide how many of the 8.5 hours each day that their child is enrolled for, that they wish to use. The daily fee on your invoice (to be issued in February 2023) and listed on the fees information sheet, applies no matter how many hours you choose to use.

The Preschool operates for 40 weeks per year – over 4 school Terms (NSW Dept. of Education Term dates).